A+Executive Answers

What is A+ Executive Program?

A+ executive program is the program in which employees are linked with their organization or corporate Virtual Head Account.
How can I Enroll?
Initially, this program is just for the International Overseas Chambers of commerce, you may however note down the details of your company and we would then forward this to our concerned department. (Name, Company’s Name, Contact Number and email address).
A+ Executive Features:
  • Corporate Virtual Head Account will earn 25% extra A+ miles in addition to miles earned by corporate employees by traveling on PIA for Business or Pleasure trips.
  • Employees will earn miles on personal account will remain the same.
  • Miles earned by corporate account can be redeemed against travel budgets, employee bonuses, charities, gifts or etc.
A+ Executive Benefits:
  • Joining bonus 3000 miles for corporate organization.
  • Joining bonus 1000 miles for new awards plus members for enrolling in this program.
  • Joining bonus 500 miles for existing awards members linking with to their parent company account.
  • 1 Sapphire and 1 Diamond card on enrolment of corporate head account. (Validity 2 Years)
  • Diamond card to CEO of the organization.
  • 1 additional Sapphire card for corporate employees on achievement of 25,000, 50,000, 75,000 and 100,000 miles in the corporate head account.
  • 1 additional Diamond card on achievement of 100,000 miles in corporate head account.
  • Access to PIA Designated Business Class Lounge for CEO’s.
  • A+ Executive Elite Tier members to get “Priority Baggage Handling” on major domestic destinations.
Note :
  • Redemption Shortfall cannot be compensated from the ‘Company’s account’
  • Missing PointsProcedure will be the same
  • Redemption or Missing Point by the Corporate Head Must be done by the Online facility.